When designer Lia Cinquegrano was ready to invest in a luxury handbag, she had a difficult time finding one that reflected her sensibilities. She’s a casual girl with a lot of personality and she was in the market for a bag that made the same statement. Developing her own collection was the only way she was guaranteed to have a bag she loved.

In August of 2010 Lia began renting a former Catholic elementary school classroom in Brooklyn and used it as her handbag studio. There, she experimented with materials, silhouettes, colors and patterns eventually editing her line down to a few pieces that felt authentically her. These styles used minimal hardware and embellishments. They interestingly and thoughtfully integrated the essential elements of a handbag into the design itself and most importantly they were a fun and vibrant mix of textiles and leather.

The name of her line is what Lia considers the usurpation of her family first name, “my brother is Thomas the third so I stole the fourth and passed it down to my bags”.

All THOMAS IV handbags are proudly made in New York City.